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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

City Hall public Space Meeting

I went to the River Run to put my two sense three step into the mix of the what-do-we-want to have happen in the public space in front of the new city hall-to-be only to realize the only decisions that were left to we-the-people were really nothing more than do we want five jugglers, three flower shows, one car show, and six musical festivals there, or one ice rink, nine comic book sales and two speeches on Pollyanna. Presumably since all the decisions were made by the last council the point of this exercise was for the new council to open the process up the little they could.
The general consensus to my consensus-gathering pollsterism was that the modern-brutalism section of the new building was what we all wanted to get rid of.
Somehow modernism in architecture has felt out-of-date for several decades now. Being a worker in stone I'm quite confident the old limestones walls will continue to hold their own and then some against the concrete and glass box on stilts.
A little contemporary risk tasking architecture would have been nice, even if I didn't even like it, at least I could respect it for making the attempt. But then again, last council chose the design, and their sensibilities were entirely rooted in their developer-centric mentality a la the Malvina Reynolds song about 'little boxes on the hillside... all made out of ticky tacky."

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