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Friday, March 16, 2007

Electronic Pamphleteering

Being one who takes occasional satisfaction from posting a comment on a hydro pole I have recently taken to posting my views online and this is the most recent of my web logs. (Sorry but I have rather rapidly come to dislike 'blog' because I think it's an ugly word and I actually think its use is an impediment to people using web logs. I think the majority of web users are reluctant to investigate blogging because there is something almost scatalogical about the word, as if bloggers leave their droppings behind them in the shape of blogs and who really wants to go poking around other people's electronic dung heaps and typewrit verbal diarrhea. The word has no poetry, and therefor no soul. It kind of reminds me of people going blah blah blah, only online... blog blog blog. Web writing however seems so much more important to the future of civil society than the word blog allows so) that said,

this web log is intended to be a series of letters from Guelph, Ontario to anyone who cares to read them. It's focus is the city and its environs and events and people and concerns, but only through my eyes and the voices of anyone who bothers to comment on my posts or on the comments of others.

But since this particular post is designed to do no more than establish a point of entry, I'll leave it at that.


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