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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Heritage Building Fundraisers

There are a number of exceptionally beautiful buildings in town in serious need of repairs. Most of them of course are in private hands, like the Apollo restaurant building. (The 1882 Petrie Building.) It has such a unique roof line design that it's even on the Province's heritage-building poster.
I've never talked to the owner about it, but he allegedly doesn't like people telling him it should be repaired. Possibly that's because it would probably cost a lot of money to fix it, and he doesn't have it. It is such an distinct architectural style that it seems almost criminal to see it decaying.
I'm not interested in heritage police swooping down on the Apollo, but I think the community has a vested interest in retaining the building. So what do we do ? Can we fund raise to help create the monies needed to at least preserve what's there, stablize the facade ?

The same with Acker's sign on Carden Street. It's one of those fifties-deco units that needs a good paint job if nothing else. I don't know whether Acker can afford to paint it or not, but it's a great sign.

Perhaps such a fundraiser project needs the Downtown Board of Trade's connections to happen, perhaps not. But we lost alot of buildings when the banks uglified the downtown a few decades ago with all their pseudo-modernist banalities. And again, this is not an attempt to trespass on property rights. If I had a job I'd put some money into helping people fix downtown buildings, especially heritage ones.

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