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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Jail Lands re-developement and brain cramps

As much as I would rather leave the land to return to the relative wildness of overgrowth and the whole veneer of civilization be kept from debasing one more site in the city, I think council is going a long way towards creating something of genuine interest with the province on the property. We don't need another manufacturing plant spewing out more planned-obsolescence for the landfill, we need jobs that will actually make the future a better place to live. Ontario's defiled landscape is beginning to give me brain cramps. In fact I'm so tired of brain cramps from looking at all the banalities that pass as free enterprise in this country, I'm so tired of imagining the boredom of the workers who have to drone-life themselves into those factories day after day, year after year that if this council can actually create something with vision and imagination then maybe I'll have one less brain cramp when I look for the beauty that used to be Ontario.

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