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Monday, March 26, 2007

Laura Bailey

Apparently City Councilor Laura Bailey has died.
It's undoubtedly a difficult time for her family.
She had cancer and was known to be dying, except by her coworkers, who, according to the Mercury had no idea how sick she was. From conversations I've had I knew she dying weeks ago, and people thought she wouldn't stay in office long. Maybe that's just20/20 hindsight vision. But I'm surprised that people were suprised.
She was appointed to office by a Judge after she drew the winning paper from a hat. when she and Katheen Farrelly allegedly tied during a recount of the last (automated) municipal election, (I say allegedly because the votes were never manually counted.)
For myself I would have preferred the votes be counted by human beings before the magic hat was broght out and the judge got involved, although I certainly understand why Bailey contested the results.

Undoubtedly, Bailey fought the election and the results despite the fact that she knew she was dying, because she needed to fight the inevitability of her situation.
It is ironic however that as part of Kate Quarrie's previous council, the end result of Bailey's heroic stand was a hampered council and wasted money. Not to mention costs occurring to Farrelly amounting to $10,000 and counting, because that lack of common sense revolution Mike Harris made appealing the magic hat a cost to the challenger. Great democrat that he wasn't.
Still, given the circumstances of the magic hat decision with its intimations of Norse trial- by-battle justice in which the gods decide the outcome by choosing the victor, perhaps the divine in this case was merciful. I know that if I was dying, a Quixotic tilting at the windmills would have appealed to me. Tender mercies...

Presumably the seat will go back to Farrelly, who was originally sworn in based on her one vote lead on election day. A new election would be nothing more than a further waste of time and money.
I hesitate to suggest it was spite on Bailey's part, because she may not have known of Mike Harris lack of common sense law changing either. The ballots should have been counted by hand.

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