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Monday, March 19, 2007

Mobsters and Politics

As the author of a book on organized crime in Guelph, Legends of the Morgeti (see link list), I think it is important to point out that while traditional (Italian) organized crime has long been associated with the Liberal Party in Canada, Eastern European Crime is almost by definition right wing: these are gangster capitalists who made their fortunes scavenging through the guts of the dismembered Soviet Empire. Their natural allies in North America are not the Liberal Party but those on the right of the political spectrum who turned a blind eye to their crimes in favour of their anti-communist activities.

And because the notion of 'false politics" is embedded in the codes of the secret societies that form the core of traditional Italian crime groups, the fact that, historically, they used corrupt Liberals to assist them in their own schemes, should also not be misconstrued as tainting liberalism's principles of inclusiveness, or tainting the need of honest Italians who desired to be included in a society that Tory politicians had no desire to see them included into.

One of the most corrupt Italian Prime Ministers Giulio Andreotti, was a member of the right wing conservative Christian Democratic party that governed Italy for over forty years on an anti-communist platform heavily supported by mafioso.

So if your plans for voting are being motivated by a desire to punish corrupt Liberals, a vote for conservatives is of itself not a vote for a mob-free party.

The whole basis for Ronald Reagan's Iran-Contra scandal was drug for arms.

Gangster capitalism shares two things in common with corporate capitalism: they can't sign affidavits in court because "they have no conscience to bind them", and the pursuit of profit is the legally mandated object of all corporations, which means that a conscience-less pursuit of profit fits gangster capitalists to a "T".

Until corporate capitalism is dismantled by a free enterprise/consumer movement, the machinations of gangster capitalists will remain interwoven with any political party that promotes a corporate agenda.


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