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Friday, March 16, 2007

Two Tier Voting, or how to hedge your Bets

Gloria Kovach, one of Guelph's strongest municipal councilors and president of the Association of Canadian Municipalities is planning on running to represent the Conservative Party in Guelph for the upcoming federal election. She is running against Brent Barr, an old Alliance/Reformer. See comment below.. I'm almost inclined to take out a membership in the Conservative Party for the sole purpose of supporting Ms. Kovach, not because I want the Conservatives to win the election (and certainly not because I support the Reform-a-tory politics of Stephen Harper), but because if they do win the seat, I want to have had a say in the person they elect.
I'm not sure it's something that can be done so close to an election or not, in the Conservative Party or in any of the other parties, but as a general principle, maybe it's something more Canadians should do, maybe we should all join all the political parties and vote for which ever of their candidates we like best, so that when there is an actual election, we might all feel slightly better whatever the results.
After all, Canadians are renowned for strategic voting, so what could be be more strategic than hedging all our bets by voting more than once in the only legal way open to us. "Vote early and vote often." may not be such bad advice.
And if it would sent Brent Barr back to the reactionary woodwork all the better.


Anonymous said...

I certainly agree with your assessment - Kovach is far and away the better candidate. Not only can she win, but she'll work hard for the city.

You're wrong however about Barr's origins. He actually hails from the progressive side, which makes this race particularly interesting. There is no traditional "Alliance" candidate in this nomination, which has been the pattern for the last few. The party is definitely moving to the middle.

There was a right wing candidate, Marty Burke who declared his intentions last fall, but the day after Kovach declared, he ran screaming.

I've got my fingers crossed for Kovach.

I like your central point though. Whatever your political stripe, the better the candidates are, the better, and usually cleaner and respectful the race.

Jerry Prager said...

Thanks for your comment and corrections and my apologies to Mr. Barr.