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Friday, April 20, 2007

Gay Lea Applies for 10 year Permit

Ward 2 posted
Thursday, April 19th, 2007...1:48 pm
Gay Lea applies for Permit to take Water
Many of you have been following with great interest the application by Nestle to renew their Permit to take Water (PTTW) from the Guelph aquifer.
On April 17th Gay Lea submitted an application for a PTTW renewal.

The company describes itself on their website this way.

For almost 50 years, Gay Lea Foods Co-operative Ltd. has provided a vital link between Ontario dairy farmers and consumers located across Canada. Gay Lea Foods is Ontario's largest dairy co-operative owned and operated by milk producers. The Co-operative's producer members represent approximately 1,250 DFO milk licences or roughly 26% of the dairy farms in Ontario. Established in 1958 to process and market milk related food products for the Co-operative's members, today Gay Lea Foods processes approximately 15% of Ontario's milk and enjoys a respected position as a major contributor to the success of Ontario's and Canada's dairy industry.

The major difference between this permit and the Nestles permit is that the water does not leave the watershed and thus returns to the ground water cycle. Even the water that went into the cows that made the milk goes back into the watershed.
The ten year plan disturbs me a little.

If both Gaylea and Nestle get their permits a full 10% of Guelph's daily usuage would be equalled by those two permits alone.