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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Gloria Kovach revisited

I found this post of Darren McEwen's while searching Gloria's story in the blog world and came across this

"And another thing...

She said she took an unpaid leave of absence from her nursing job to take on the FCM presidency, which has no salary.

Yet on her website bio (which has since been removed) it claimed Kovach left her nursing job when she became a city councillor (which was in 1991), citing privacy and conflict of interest concerns. She became the FCM President 14 years later in Decmember 2005!

Jack Layton is a former FCM President but never sought federal office or a federal nomination during his tenure at the top.

Winnipeg's Gord Steeves is now the FCM President. He's a former Liberal candidate. Note the emphasis on former ... as in 11 years ago."

According to the FCM website she left off working in her private medical enterprise
when she became president of the FCM, which is where the 16 months leave come into it.

There was certainly some grumbling reported in town around the time that Gloria sought the nomination, to the effect that she was hedging her bets too much.
And that she should have stood down from the presidency of a non-partisan national federation while running for the candidacy of the local federal conservative party.
Maybe she needed the money (assuming the presidency is even a paid position) (she had just financed her successful municipal re-election bid before having to finance her candidacy campaign.) And she wasn't making money as a nurse anymore.
From my perspective there was no malice, unless there was malice in slagging Dion in an a moment of lost control when she lost both her dreams of a federal career and the the presidency of the FCM in as many days.
There were two months left in her mandate. Clearly the wisest thing to have done was to have resigned the post when she decided to try for the conservatives. It's even conceivable that she lost support among conservatives precisely because she was hedging her bets. She had won municipal re-election with a large plurality, she may have damaged her own win-ability factor with conservatives by not resigning, an action that made her look either small minded, arrogant, or not nearly as confident as she pretended to be, all of which might have made all the difference between the win accredited to Barr's organizational work and conservative hopes for winning the riding. She shot her own win-ability in the foot !
Then too there is the question of the progressive and conservative factions in the local tory population, Barr allegedly representing the conservative factions. I don't know enough about Kovach's conservative politics to know if she represents Harper's side of the party or the Blue Machine's side, but basically she ran against the Blue Machine and lost. From that perspective it seems to me that her attack on Dion is not unlike Harper's attacks on Dion, except that it was possibly less intentional, but no less reactionary in its own origins.
As for the FCM, what lesson have they fired across the bows of federal wannabes except 'not while you're our president you don't', 'the issues are more important than the enlargement of your fiefdom.'
If the FCM does something different if a liberal president does what Kovach did, then we can speak of hypocrisy but not before.



Jerry Prager said...

Found this in an old Guelph Mercury
that answers McEwan's concerns about the nursing gig, I posted it on his blog too.

Kovach making most of her 'one-time shot'
Saturday April 8, 2006

Gloria Kovach, a longtime city councillor and president of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, has no plans to seek the mayor's chair in the fall. 'I love my role as a councillor,' she said.

GUELPH -- After five terms in office, Councillor Gloria Kovach is ramping up her efforts to boost Guelph at home and abroad.

The Ward 4 councillor has just taken a 16-month leave of absence from her full-time job as a nurse running an occupational health clinic to devote more time to her political efforts.

Anonymous said...

Something I found might interest you then...

A current Liberal MP did it already

Care to make that comment on hypocrisy now?

Jerry Prager said...

Assuming the facts on the site you provided are correct, then of course there is hypocrisy, but given the fact that the site you sent me to, the "Christian Conservative" presumably operates under some modicum of Christian belief in which hypocrisy in all human affairs is the first thing one should suspect, and not the last For my own part I find conservative Christians the worst of all hypocrites, since they constantly seek to save the world with law, rather allowing God to use grace to do so.
(I'm not speaking specifically of the site you sent me to since I didn't read it any further than the article in question.)
Quite frankly however, I find discussing notions of hypocrisy with people who sign their names as Anonymous somewhat pointless, since they obviously lack the courage of their own convictions.
You may not have figured this out yet, but I'm not a Liberal, I regard my politics as Independent Communitarian, the same as my religious beliefs.
Let me kind to others and say it's because I don't trust my own hypocrisy enough to interact well with other hypocrites, but I like people otherwise, and believe in the community, I just reserve the right to live by my own conscience, by my own discernment, and not within a flock of sheep serving a small "s" shepherd.
I stand by my own view on Kovach, she should have resigned, and clearly the local conservatives didn't think highly enough of her for hedging her bets to award her the nomination.