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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Hillside Ticket Price Up

Hillside tickets prices are going up again this year, and the festivals alleged commitment to include 70% Guelph musical content continues to dwindle. Early bird ticket sales begin on Tuesday May 1st.

Ticket Prices 2007 (all prices are inclusive of GST)
Early Bird Weekend $75.00
Regular Weekend $95.00
Early Bird Friday Evening $40.00
Regular Friday Evening $45.00
Early Bird Saturday $55.00
Regular Saturday $60.00
Early Bird Saturday Evening $40.00
Regular Saturday Evening $45.00
Early Bird Sunday $55.00
Regular Sunday $60.00
Early Bird Sunday Evening $40.00
Regular Sunday Evening $45.00

It will also be curious to see if the festival creates a massive plastic water bottle waste stream like it did last year via it's relationship with water privateers Nestle's.

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Anonymous said...

Nestle's is a sponsor of Hillside?!? How ironic that a major sponsor of Hillside is the same company that most of the original Hillside-ers would have protested against for their shameless (and continuing) marketing techniques of baby formula in developing nations. For shame, Hillside! It's like Woodstock '99 all over again...ah, the summer of consumerism.