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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Liz Sandals Stuff and Nonsese

According to this article in the Guelph Tribune Liberal MPP Liz Sandals wants environmental activists to become back-off-of-its, and to believe her when she says that the rights of commoners to the water held in the Public Trust aren't worth the commons they're written on if the scientists say so(I'm paraphrasing.) But that ain't so, and thousands of years of common law say the water belongs to the commons, not to the scientists to give it away.
Her scientists remind me of the court prophets in the bible who would tell a monarch whatever the monarch wanted to hear, while the real prophets were out in the wilderness railing against those who were damming the flow of the river of justice.

The Provincial liberals have no credibility whatsoever. And they will betray the people of this province if we let them. This is a fight for the shape of the future and she had better get out of the way if she won't lend a hand, because this time, the times really are a changing. We have no more time for flak catchers like our local MPP.

Babylon Liz,
get your sandals on,
'cause you're just babblin'
to the rabblin'
who got no patience
for your all your
sycophantic rantlin'.

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