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Monday, April 30, 2007

More from the Water Watchers

Comment on Proposed Water Transfer Legislation in Ontario
Cut and Paste the last paragraph below from the Wellington Water Watchers site into the Governments 'comment' box.

The Ontario Provincial Government has proposed a law to control water transfers out of the 3 watersheds in Ontario. There is an exemption for bottled water in containers less than 20 litres. Please use the sample comment below to state your objection at the Ontario Environmental Registry web site.

I am opposed to the section of Bill 198 that deals with exemptions to water transfers out of the originating watershed, Section 34.3 (3).1. This section exempts transfers of containers having a volume of 20 litres or less. However, I see no difference between a truck loaded with 1,000 bottles of 500 ml each (500 litres) and a tanker carrying 500 litres in one container leaving the watershed. Please close this loophole that permits water bottlers to drain our watersheds.

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