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Sunday, April 1, 2007

The Ousting of Gloria Kovach

There is something odd about the way in which Guelph councilor, Gloria Kovach, the elected president of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, was removed from the head of that association during a conference call that no one in the federation, including Kovach, can talk about because it was an 'in-camera' meeting.
She herself is blaming Liberal Leader Stephan Dion, because she says that staff of the Canada-wide organization received a phone call from Dion's office following a meeting she had had with Dion about pre-budget discussions. According to her, Dion voiced objections about her to the federation so they got rid of her. Dion's office says that no such objections existed and that they had nothing to do with her ousting.
Prior to the incident, Kovach had just run and lost a race for the candidacy of the local federal Conservative Party, following her decisive re-election as a councillor last fall.
Clearly something happened somewhere along the way. Animosity existed among the conservatives and liberal reactionaries in former mayor Kate Quarrie's camp and Kovach, an animosity that led to Kovach being unable to attend an important Federation meeting a year or so ago because council refused to reschedule a meeting, despite the fact that Kovach was president of the federation and Guelph ended up looking small and ridiculous.
Kovach says she can't imagine Stephen Harper flexing his muscles the way Dion did. I can't say I agree with her on that assessment since Harper is a known control freak, but the fact remains that something happened. And I trust for her sake, the truth will make its way out of the shadows sooner than later.

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