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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Honouring Police Dead

A movement is afoot to create a monument or memorial park to honour Guelph's police dead
In Legends of the Morgeti, I detail the deaths of the only two Guelph police officers killed in the line of duty. For a mob town, in which there were a lot of murders you would have thought that one of the two policemen killed would have died fighting organizing crime. Unfortunately both were killed by drunk drivers. In May 1922, Constable Wm. Holloway was hit by a car driven by a man coming home from a party in Fergus, after the driver swerved to avoid hitting another constable flagging down cars at 1:30 in the morning. Holloway was 30 years old, born in the Ukraine and had survived both the Japanese-Russian War and the Great War.
The second constable killed was Eric MacAuley 38, who was dragged to death on April 5 1964, when he was off-duty downtown. He noticed a fellow officer trying to pull over a car that then escaped down Douglas Street. MacAuley, who was with his 5 year-old daughter at the time, set off on foot after the driver and managed to get his arm in the window in an attempt to turn the keys off and stop the car. The driver sideswiped MacAuley against another car and dragged him down the road before he realized what he'd done.
There is something doubly tragic about people dying because of panicked drunk drivers.
A friend of MacAuley's widow is behind the attempt to honour the two officers.
I say honour them.

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