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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Are there no Canadian Conservatives left ?

I realize your party has been taken over by republicans from the American oil reserve of Alberta, but do none of you respect British constitutionalism, or have you so embraced corporatism (& the fact that a corporation cannot sign an affidavit in court because corporations lack legal consciences to bind them) that you lie repeatedly & insistently about parliamentary democracy because you are simply company/party men, without consciences to bind you to the truth ? Where are the conservative defenders of real Canadian democracy ? There is nothing undemocratic about coalition government, & yet you've convinced millions of people that your lies are true. And many of you, like the "Christian Conservative", are lying in the name God. Which is likewise inexplicable to me, & also seems like a dangerous thing to do if you actually believe in God.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Man who Brought Guelph Kovach

Doug Finley, the man who orchestrated the ousting of Brent Barr and the re-insertion of Gloria Kovach in the campaign is stepping down as a minority only organizer for Harper.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

And so we begin

And so we begin the test of common sense or the lack of it yet again. We have come to a time when the hand of the oiligarchs and bankers and gangster capitalists and globalizing independent operators have begun to dig the bed for the money stream of power current they hope to harness as finance for their corporate-state, hereafter called Planet Earth Inc. Here in Guelph we know the number of the beast, it was the same as the address of the house that Ronald Reagan retired from the presidency into, (but only after he got them to change the address from 666 to 668 in an attempt to persuade us to forget that shade of truth.)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cons can't win Guelph

As the poll results began to roll in on election night there were a lot of people who didn't vote liberal who had "hang on Frank" in their hearts if not in their mouths. 71% of the population voted for progressive policies, 29% for regressivism. By the time the next election rolls around two or three or four hurricane seasons from now when Canada will have sat on the sidelines booing climate change warriors and Harper's denial of the problem will have become so mindless as to finally become intolerable even to his own supporters who will have come to understand with increasing horror just how utterly wrong their man is, was and ever more shall be on the necessity of action, it may well me too late to do anything meaningful. And then they and we shall reap the whirlwind. The Alberta financed Con party will be destroyed for good, to or three or four years too late. Unfortunately for the majority of Canadians who wanted something done on climate change but got Harper's minority instead because a bunch of frightened 905 voters lacked the vision to see beyond their mortgage payments, the rest of us will be in the same boat as them. They shouldn't be too surprised if we throw them overboard and cheer when they sink.

Nagy Bows Out

Mike Nagy is stepping down as the local Green candidate. One of the most articulate spokesmen for the necessity of acting on the pending environmental disaster before it reaches the tipping point, Nagy proved to be a remarkable candidate. Something of a policy wonk with a head full of inarguable debating points, he proved himself worthy of the enormous boost local voters gave the party. He showed integrity, cool headedness and passionate commitment to a movement that won the support of the vast majority of Canadians, even if the party itself won no seats. It is of course especially galling that power has remained in the hands of the one party leader who doesn't believe there even is a climate crisis, but because of people like Mike Nagy, those of us in the movement, if not in the party, are better equipped to call Harper's bluff. Thanks Mike. We owe you.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Gloria will get nowhere

The massive local repudiation of Gloria Kovach's candidacy does not bode well for the 'self-aggrandizing ones' efforts to make herself important. Probably the next thing she will try is a run for Guelph's mayor, but considering that 71 % of Guelph's populace are progressive and voted against her, the regressive conservative hopeful would probably come off worse than ever. She will certainly never win the riding should she try again.

And so it comes to pass

Nagy won more votes than any Green ever, and yet Frank Valeriote was the one who defeated Gloria Kovach. Thank God for that mercy. Frank is decent, caring man and will do what he can against the masked extremism of Harper and his agenda. There can be no doubt that the vast majority of Guelphites oppose Gloria Kovach even more certainly than those who opposed Valeriote. Progressive voters so far outnumbered the Cons in this riding that even with three extremely strong candidates running against the Cons, they still did not split the vote enough to allow Gloria into the beggars banquet that is the 40th parliament.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Time for a paradigm Shift

The past is over, the Tories may not care about the environment or its effects on future generations but Canadians care, and it's time to act. Voting for Gloria Kovach would be a step back in time, a regression. It is quite clear that Mike Nagy knows the way forward; knows the consequences of doing nothing. A vote for Kovach is a vote for doing nothing. A vote for Harper is a vote for a man who was wrong about Iraq, wrong about how Canadians felt about their finances. Harper may win a minority, but it won't last, he won't last: this is the beginning of the end of regressive conservatvism in Canada. A vote for Nagy is a vote for a man who knows what he's talking about and what to do about the impending ecological disaster.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Mike Nagy will take Guelph

The number of non-progressives in this city who will be voting for Gloria Kovach is limited to 1) the Christian Con and the rest of the fundamentalist acolytes who think God is a Tory, 2) Second World War era elders whose conservativism derives from George Drew and his Mussolini loving father-in-law Edward Johnson, 3) some Mulroney era local lovers of lies who are likewise descended from post second war corporatism through Brian's Quebec mentor, Daniel Johnson Sr. the heir Maurice Duplessis, Canada's most powerful fascist party until defeated during the Quiet Revolution, and 4) Gloria Kovach's personal fan club members. All of those non-progressives together do not add up to the hill of votes needed to take this riding.
Frank Valeriote and the Liberal's may take the riding yet, and we will still be in green savy hands, but I think that with the Mercury's endorsement and by dint of Mike Nagy's own intelligent passion and the fact that Harper is selling out the ecological future for U of G student voters, that Mike will take the riding. Personally I wish Tom King would poll more votes than Gloria, but if the progressives choose Nagy in the numbers I think they will, it will be Tom who fares poorest, which is really too bad, since the conservatives of Guelph deserve the purgatory they inhabit and should finish last..

Friday, September 26, 2008

Christian Con wants Platonic Art

Art with a clear agenda to serve the public good, but what is the public good, I say it's art that makes people get up and throw down the social order, and the personal
comfort zone, that's art, everything else is just wanking.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Public Water, or not

That's what this election is about, if Harper wins, the privateers will be given crown charters to sell our water for whatever the market will bear in plenty or in drought.

The Worm keeps turning in and out on itself

like Stephen Harper's head office\local riding in-out financing scam in the last election. Leadership you can smell. Burrowing it's way to power, roughneck on an oily politic, slick furrows turning like the plot of a coup, smelling of Blackwater spun terror twist crumbling down on the North American electorates simulatenously while the neo-corporatists who shoved the cashfall into being move into place, or not, but where is Dick Cheney these days ? Maybe it's him I smell on Harper.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

More Nonsense From Christian Con

If that's an attack ad, then your party's pre-election ads assassinating Dion's character were what ? Oh yeah, I remember, the sin of bearing false witness. Your Mike Harris inspired efforts to gut meat inspection in this country will leave us open to more and more problems like the listeriosis outbreak that Ritz stumbled his way through. He's not doing a good job at all, he's ideologically butchering Canada's safe food systems.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Christian Con's hysteria growing

We have a Tory Ag Minister who thinks listeria is funny, we have 'in & out' Tory Turd Wars, we have a bungled economy, we have a bagman for oil as Environ. Minister, a PM who uses character assassination as his favourite campaign tool, while making hypocritical pronouncements about law & order, we have an electorate beginning to tire of the stench, AND we have Christian Con railing heaven because local Libs used CPAC to their own advantage. Sorry Con man, even Tories reap what they sow. You & the Harperite collective have sown discord $ hypocrisy & you will soon reap the whirlwind.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Yeah Christian Con !

Praise the Lord and pass the hypocrisy, the Christian Con is the Grand Master of the new Lack of Common Sense online community. May you raise defamation of character to new heights, and may Jesus increase your spirit of condemnation until your poison cup runneth over with bile.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Whore of Babylon Shops at WalMart

This just in: the whore of Babylon loves cheap things made badly and sold by adults making minimum wage.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

My Readers Write

"Anonymous said...
You are a nutbar. nutbar. A nut. You are nutty. Nutty. you are a nutty nut nut." Let's see if I can deconstruct your meaning here: you think I'm a nut ?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Rise Guelphi Rise !

The lie is revealed, the worm has already turned. The Harper government will go down in history for the way it ran this campaign through lies and malice and character assassination. Elizabeth May and the Greens just broke Harper's government in two and no amount of spin doctoring can repair the damage. Not before the election, not for all time. The Bush League's hold on Canada ends on October 14. Time to compose a Requiem for the Oilagarchy.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Christian Con

Thanks for the chance to hear the tape, but spare us your hypocrisy. May's action is less a threat to democracy than your Prime Minister's string of illegal actions, including breaking his own election law, which apparently didn't bother you in the least. Also you can hear perfectly well that she isn't saying Canadians are stupid.
Harper is one of the least democratic PM's we've ever had, kind of like Mike Harris that way, loves to talk about law and order, but doesn't really practice what he preaches, kind of like the fundamentalist Right in general, busy shining the outside of an otherwise filthy cup.

Hey Con Christian

I suspect Dalton McGuinty didn't endorse Dion because if he did he would have to explain why, & that would get him talking about Lack of Common Sense Revolutionary Jim Flaherty: perhaps he didn't want to blow a heart valve discussing the misery inflicted on the underclasses of Ontario by Harris's thugs, or perhaps I'm just projecting.

Valeriote: "White Guelph"

Because of his Italian, Catholic origins and approach to politics, it is appropriate that Frank be recognized as a "White Guelph" (see Dante), someone from the spiritual side of the debate with empire builders. So Frank, hereby be recognized by this Guelph.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Frank Valeriote's United Left

Made this comment on the Guelph Mercury blog and wanted to make it here.
"It's not a united left we need Frank, it's a united centre, the right is so wrong it's a minority, the majority is not a one winged bird. But otherwise, we need unity. Because the broken, far right wingtip is veering us into the paths of Hurricanes Ecodisaster and Follitics. Goodluck."
To which I will add: it's coalition government we need, change the democracy, change the economy, change flight paths.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hey Puffin Plop Man

Dear Christian Con, because you never post my comments, I thought I'd post them over here. The fact is, other than John Diefenbacker, Joe Clark and Sir John A, Conservatives have left a considerably darker stain on the Canadian body politik than have the Liberals through their advancement of extreme Wellingtonian Tory policies and an unholy alliance with Republican robber barons and their descendants, supporting both fascism, and it's offspring, neo-corporatism. And no, I am not a liberal. I voted Green in the illegally invalidated Guelph advance poll, I could have voted for Frank Valeriote who I know and like, but I chose to vote Green because no matter what you say, the Greens are more than a party, they are a movement, I am not a member of the Green Party, but I am a member of the movement, so are Dion and many other liberals, NDPers, Red Tories, and disgruntled Reformers . And yet, when I tell you that I and others like me are not liberals you and your fellowship of Harper worshippers knowingly keep chanting your leader's lies. I have voted Liberal, and I have voted NDP (although I probably never will again because of Jack's decision to bar May from the debate.) And I have voted Green, I might even have voted Conservative if David Crombie had led the PC's instead of Mulroney. My politics however are Independent Communitarian. My real choice would be to vote for a revived Cooperative Commonwealth Federation Party. Your politics appear to be, follow the leader, right or wrong.

Farmers !

In 1926 you were at the height of your Progressive best: voting in United Farmer governments: you did so in an age in which Canadian Conservatives were publicly supportive of Mussolini's efforts to make Italian-Canadians - the Canadese into good little fascists. The King-Byng Affair was caused when Mackenzie King made a coalition with your Progressive ancestors in response to the minority emergence of Arthur Meighen, King Edward the Fascist's man in Canada. It wasn't until the 1930's that Borden's governing conservatives used Adrien Arcand, the head of Quebec's Nazis to serve as ad hoc public relations director there. The same strain of Conservativism that governed while Mussolini's Consuls took over Canadese organizations & encouraged the rise of French Canadian Nazi-supporting politics that lasted until Maurice Duplessis died & Brian Mulroney's mentor Daniel Johnson was finally overthrown in the Quiet Revolution, is now offering you a cut in the diesel tax in an attempt to buy your silence. They are the ideological descendants of your ancestors enemies. They mean to corporatize you into indentured servitude for a handful of coins; they will stuff your family land into their piggy little land banks: they will hang onto your water for themselves & their friends & their profit margins. And they will call it Common Sense. Here in Guelph they have deep roots through George Drew. Mike Harris is hero to them. I call it the Meighen Streak in Canadian politics. Beware it. Follow the money and you'll find a Goliath fighting a David over a spring rising from the land.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Who is Doug Finley

and why does everyone think that he politically-long knifed Brent Barr ?

Who Ousted Brent Barr

According to this and a discussed article in the Toronto Star about Doug Finley, the probable orchestrator of the ousting of Gloria Kovach's ill-fated predecessor Brent Barr, former local PC MP Bill Winegard (Barr's frontman) says the ousting did not come from Harper but came from some officially never-named Guelph Conservatives. The request was facilitated by Harper. Since the complaint did not come from those who have ever come forward & given their reasons for ousting Barr, leaving Gloria free to claim a candidacy she had just lost in a local party vote to Barr, it would be nice for the voters of Guelph to know who else besides Finley Gloria Kovach is either in collusion with, or who else it is she now owes a political debt to. There is a hard right wing in Guelph with a deep history through George Drew to pre-second world war support of Mussolini, and post-second world war cold war reactionary capitalism. The non-progressive wing is fighting for its life in Guelph.

Harper's Guelph Policy:

disenfranchise local Progressives by taking away their democratically elected candidate, replace him with Gloria Kovach, the Con Man's choice, and then, when she was about to be obliterated in the by-election, illegally cancel it, hope the voters of Guelph don't notice, then use christian conservatives to bray online about what a principled leader the Con Man is, in the hopes that Guelphites will have a conversion experience and suddenly understand that principle is what the PM says it is, and nothing else and that we should shut up and do what the God chosen tell us to do.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Cons Give thanks there is no Salvation in Law

The election is upon us: Guelph's by-election advance poll results have been illegally invalidated, the court injunction that could have stopped the PM is past due, and now conservatives pray that the Canadian people will forget that Steve-o broke his own law, violated the spirit of his own oratory in defense of his 4 year term law so that he could have an election before the economy tanked, before the parliamentary committees returned to reopen investigations into Con wrongdoings from Mulroney-Schreiber to Bernier & the Hells Angels et al.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hey Christian Conservative

Hypocrisy is the middle name of right wing fundamentalism, and the fear and divide leadership style of your oilpatch bag-man PM may seem like God has come down to lead the small-minded through the narrow stretch, but that's Hell that you see outside your little handbasket. The Tory Republicans are the masters of fear campaigning, and your guy is the weasel wizard of super-id nastiness. Anti-intellectualism is all well and good around the fellowship table of science deniers, but the voters of Guelph have brains and hearts and a great deal of spirit, and we will not serve your Ratking.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Constitional Crisis Coming to Head

I am not alone in my fight to stop the Prime Minister from breaking the law. The Ottawa Citizen carried this.

Local Tories in ruins

After Gloria split the local Conservative party by helping Harper disenfranchise the legal candidate, former PC Brent Barr, she has now joined Harper in supporting his illegal election call while boldly supporting the PM's phony law & order campaign & his do-nothing environmental stewardship, which is why she is trailing third in this campaign, & part of why Harper plans to waste multi-millions of $'s by illegally invalidating the advance poll votes in Guelph by cancelling the by-election. Wow, leadership like that reminds me of - o yeah George Bush and McSame.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Of course Harper

Of course he has lost the support of parliament, the majority of members who represent the majority of Canadians don't support him, Resign, respect your own law, ask the GG to ask Dion to form a government, or break the law and call an election.

Court Injnction against Harper

I've emailed the Canadian Civil Liberties Union and the Council of Canadians seeking pro bono help in applying for a court injunction to stop Harper from illegally calling an election which will further result in the illegal invalidation of the Guelph advanced poll results, a dangerous precedent that all Canadians should oppose.

Guelph !

Stop Harper from illegal invalidating the results of our advanced poll, support a court injunction to stop him. Defeat him now. Put parliament into the hands of those the majority voted for in the last election: change PM's, change cabinet, serve the term !

Guelph !

We need a lawyer.

Guelph !

Voters of Guelph: I emailed the Ottawa constitutional expert Erroll Mendes about my concerns that when Harper illegally calls this election and cancels the by-election he will trigger a constitutional crisis.
The following is Mendes reply. "Dear Jerry, I agree with your sentiments. I think the only way to stop him is seeking a court injunction to stop him You or other voters in Guelph are in legally one of the best places to do that as he is about to invalidate illegally both the advance poll votes cast for the September 8th by-elections. I agree that his actions place a stain on our constitutional democracy in this country. All the best, Professor Errol P. Mendes Faculty of Law.

Hey, Christian Conservative !

It's not mudslinging to call a liar a liar. It used to be considered courageous and noble. But now because of Bush-Cheney and the gutless corporate media that supports those who support them, lying has become an acceptable form of public discourse. Your PM is a liar, surrounded by republican advisers from the Bush League who lie for a living. Your PM should be jail over the Chuck Cadman payoffs. The demonic parody of Christianity known as fundamentalism is the child of the Father of Lies.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Campaign Vandalism

I don't get this kind of behaviour. I stick political signs back in the ground after they've been knocked down. However,there seems to me to be a disconnect between the pro-NDP messages - "Liberals Lie-NDP rule" being included in the anti-Bill C68 (the gun registry law) messages being spray-painted on people's houses. C68 is a Tory gripe, it's the gun registry law. Some disgruntled Tory could just as easily be taking aim at both parties, demeaning one & implicating the other. However, C68 also refers to a Young Offenders bill. So maybe it's more direct action anarchy from some angry youth. (To be fair to philosophical Anarchist beliefs, violence is not an agenda item.) Severing brake lines is criminal, it puts not just individuals but the public at risk. The Tories are desperate in this campaign, but so are the disenfranchised.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Seeking United Opposition Motion

The opposition parties in Ottawa, citing Harper's new 4 year parliamentary term law & using House of Commons custom should ask the Governor General to dissolve the government & to appoint a new Prime Minister from the party that received the second most number of votes in the last election. The opposition parties need to form a popular vote coalition government, which is to say, there should be NDP, Liberals, Bloc members and yes the Green Party in the cabinet - the de facto government. It's the only way to stop Harper from breaking the law. We elected members to govern, not Harper, let them govern.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sorry Gloria, but Harper is a Pimp

Gloria Kovach thinks the PM will do what's right re the Guelph by-election being extended into an illegal general election because Harper is "a man of principle." I thought so too when he was first elected, but then in the first week in office he made four Mulroney-style decisions that proved that he'd sold his soul for power. Harper is not a man of principle, he's a gutless toady,a Bush League traitor, a modern version of the 1849 Annexationist Tories who burned down the Canadian Parliament buildings because they didn't get what they wanted from the Rebellion Losses Bill, and so tried to get the Americans to annex Canada before it was even a nation. Regressive Conservatism is unprincipled from top to bottom and always has been.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Provincialism v. municipal localism

Conservatives believe Gloria Kovach lost her post as head of the national municipal association because of political interference on the part of Stephan Dion and the Liberal Party. Perhaps however, as soon as she declared herself a federal Conservative candidate, the association realized that since Conservatives are provincialists whose policies routinely oppose the expansion of local democracy, Gloria's interest was in her own personal advancement, rather than the advancement of the democratic localism which is the agenda of the municipal association. Dion had nothing to do with it.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Lying Liars

The lying liars of the republican tories have sent out another piece of lie mail, fear mail about the Liberal's Green Shift tax and how everything is going to go up because of the tax. If saying it makes it so, then Bush League methodolgy with Gloria's come hither and Huck Farper with me pose, is sure to win votes because lying is sexy if you're a republican tory.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Christian Right

has been worshipping in business high places and bearing false witness against
the God of Love.

Not that Liberals

don't have amoral friends in business high places. Gangster capitalism is the inevitable consequence of corporations having "no conscience to bind them." To Free enterprise we must dissolve the oligarchy in favour of a cooperative commonwealth, where the landed, the tenants, and the wanderers have equal rights in domestic & international Fair Markets formed by individuals through partnerships where each person is equally bound by conscience. We must bury corporatism for ever: and to do that the Crown legally uncharters corporations from the economy.

Phony Tory Crime Obsession

Blame the poor, the rallying cry of the Common Sense Devolution is back.
The crime rate is down but the self-security obsessed corporate governing class wants us to believe that modern youth are thugs ready to kick in our doors and shoot us on the streets and in our beds. Funny how conservatives love police states deep down in their withered little hearts. It keeps them from dealing with real criminals, like their amoral friends in business high places.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Saturday, July 12, 2008

National Dueling Voices

So, is Gloria Kovach Guelph's national voice, or is Tom King ?
A one time head of the national municipal association who blames the Liberals for the fact that the association turfed her from power, Gloria's national voice claim is otherwise thin on the ground compared to King's claim, who was in Ottawa during the recent native apology negotiations, and has been a national literary-political figure for years. But then Tom is The Voice in this campaign, his perfect radio voice and his wit make Gloria's self-aggrandizing whines seem... well whiny. Since Gloria is essentially interested in Gloria, the prima-facia vanity candidate who backroomed her way with Steve-o's consent to dump the real Tony candidate, Brent Barr, her national voice is one of petty aggrievements and won't do anyone any good in Ottawa except Gloria.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Gee a Tax incease

Gee, send the city sprawling in all directions creating a demand for extended, suburban/exurban bacterial-like service eruptions all over the local agar plate, in an effort to aid and abet developers intent on building the Anywhere North American fantasy world of stuff, stuff and more stuff in environmentally absurd variations of endless tracts of ticky tacky homes of poor quality and low imagination and suddenly the city can't afford to provide for all the illusory banalities that constitute the post 1950's delusion of safe, sterile neighbourhoods, so beloved of TV shaped minds, and it's the fault of the left.

Friday, May 9, 2008

The commons is the Green.


Hosanna in exellsius. It's still the politics of seduction.


I think you have a great job, I would love to be paid to be cranky about statistics.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Legends of the Morgeti, Volume Two

is now available at the Bookshelf in Guelph.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Gloria Kovach" Come Hither and Huck Farper

Well after all the local Progressives and Red Tories were driven out of the local party by Gloria Kovach's Conservative coup in the name of the Bush-League leadership of micro-manager/control freak Stephen Harper, we get to look at a thumbnail campaign picture of Gloria on the cover on the Guelph Tribune every issue, in which she smiles seductively for the camera, hoping to lure unsuspecting voters into bed with the right, of which she is clearly begging to become the local pin-up. I call the picture her "Come Hither & Huck Farper" pose.
Gloria has a lovely smile, but it's kind of like seeing an iceberg, the bulk of which is concealed below water, the old mythological Siren hoping to shipwreck lost voters into thinking Farper is made of more substance than the hot air that rises around him from the manure heaps of reactionary diarrhea that fuel his political ideology and constitute the substance of his leadership.
Of course, Farper isn't actually Gloria's idea of a real leader anyway, Glori's idea of a real leader is Gloria.
As far as I'm concerned she can lead Guelph's well established reactionaries into the hell they chose for themselves following the second world war when old fascists like Guelph-born Ontario Premier George Drew kept the party out of federal office by the extremity of their fascination for imperial capitalism, now known as global corporatism, the most rapacious, small-minded, cold-hearted form of elitist politics the world has ever seen. Farper's oilogarch friends and security-force patriotism are diseases of the Canadian body politic that need to be lanced, and Gloria's "Come hither and Huck Farper with me" pose is but a foretaste of the screwing of the body politic that Canada's republicans will perform on us if we let ourselves be seduced by the smiles of Sirens.