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Monday, April 7, 2008

Gloria Kovach" Come Hither and Huck Farper

Well after all the local Progressives and Red Tories were driven out of the local party by Gloria Kovach's Conservative coup in the name of the Bush-League leadership of micro-manager/control freak Stephen Harper, we get to look at a thumbnail campaign picture of Gloria on the cover on the Guelph Tribune every issue, in which she smiles seductively for the camera, hoping to lure unsuspecting voters into bed with the right, of which she is clearly begging to become the local pin-up. I call the picture her "Come Hither & Huck Farper" pose.
Gloria has a lovely smile, but it's kind of like seeing an iceberg, the bulk of which is concealed below water, the old mythological Siren hoping to shipwreck lost voters into thinking Farper is made of more substance than the hot air that rises around him from the manure heaps of reactionary diarrhea that fuel his political ideology and constitute the substance of his leadership.
Of course, Farper isn't actually Gloria's idea of a real leader anyway, Glori's idea of a real leader is Gloria.
As far as I'm concerned she can lead Guelph's well established reactionaries into the hell they chose for themselves following the second world war when old fascists like Guelph-born Ontario Premier George Drew kept the party out of federal office by the extremity of their fascination for imperial capitalism, now known as global corporatism, the most rapacious, small-minded, cold-hearted form of elitist politics the world has ever seen. Farper's oilogarch friends and security-force patriotism are diseases of the Canadian body politic that need to be lanced, and Gloria's "Come hither and Huck Farper with me" pose is but a foretaste of the screwing of the body politic that Canada's republicans will perform on us if we let ourselves be seduced by the smiles of Sirens.


Anonymous said...

A little over the top in terms of the history but generally right on.
Gloria's form of leadership has been amply demonstrated at city hall.
Namely; raise an ill informed rucus (dust.. that gets the Merc's attention) and then sit back and enjoy the fun whilst basking in the spotlight.
Only the stupid folks at the Merc would let play along with her game.

Jerry Prager said...

I guess you'll have to read Vol 2 of Legends of the Morgeti when I finally get it into the Bookshelf later this week to appreciate what I'm talking about historically. I'm getting cranky in my old age, and my bullshit receivers got so heavy I finally cut them off. I don't have the patience for pretense I once had. Everything isn't nice, even if it does all work out for the good eventually.

Anonymous said...

Dude, you don't have a freaking clue what you're talking about...

First of all, Gloria Kovach has got to be the most "progressive" candidate the Conservatives have put forward here in Guelph in a long time... WAY more than Barr.

Secondly, most of the "Red Tories" are on board with Gloria, except for those who were personally invested in Barr's nomination.

Thirdly, I find your sexist commentary offensive and extremely degrading... at a time when all parties are calling for more women in Parliament, you go and remind everyone of one of the big reasons why they don't. You're a sexist pig, and need a good slap upside the head.



Jerry Prager said...

I'm not the one seducing the camera or using my sex to issue 'come hither' messags or calling Harper a leader, and any progressive or red tory who thinks his brand resembles theirs are deep in denial.

Jerry Prager said...

Of course a slap up aside the head is what I expect from law and order lovers who are trying to establish right wing police states in North America and around the world.You guys couldn't wait for the commies police states to collapse so you can show them how it's really done.
It's People magazine banalities masking political agendas.
And that picture of Gloria more than else tells me all I need to know about her politics. It's all seduction.
I don't mind sending women to parliament, just let them be women,
and not coquettish girls fluttering their eyelashes for Huck's sake.

Anonymous said...

Wow. If you think that's sexy, then you're pretty horny.

Jerry Prager said...

My point isn't that her pose is sexy it's that the intent of the pose is seductive, and that if the picture is worth a thousand words about her politics, then they should be about the politics of seduction.

Anonymous said...

Dear jp
While I am inclined to agree with anonymous "1" your post, while vile, contains elements of truth.
Specifically "Gloria's idea of a real leader is Gloria".
The arrogance and stupidity of this woman is beyond belief.
Why did the CAM essentially fire her?
Because she didn't tell them she was running for office when the position of the orgsanization is non-partisan! Dumb bitch,,,
Salient is the nomination meeting.
She was supposed to win over Barr...and didn't do the work (ie selling memberships). Lazy? Complacent? Whatever? So she and Steve and that useless s--- Morgan ( who lost to Barr previously ) created the lazy Barr conspiracy..
So we have it. Now Gloria is the candidate. WTF

Jerry Prager said...

When John Turner was patting women on the bums after his hiatus in the private sector, the world had changed since his previous time in office and he was taken to task for not realizing.
I know the double standards that have led to male energy being continuously denounced as a negative force over the last thirty years or so aren't supposed to be challenged, and nor is the quest for equality meant to apply to women's behaviour, but I just can't help myself: I don't think my observation is vile: I think Gloria's photo is an example of the hypocrisy of the whole situation. I don't doubt that she has used that particular look on all the men who have ever been in her life, or that the look is designed to charm rather than to persuade.

rabbit said...


I'm curious as to what would cause such a reaction. Do you have a link to the offending picture?