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Saturday, July 12, 2008

National Dueling Voices

So, is Gloria Kovach Guelph's national voice, or is Tom King ?
A one time head of the national municipal association who blames the Liberals for the fact that the association turfed her from power, Gloria's national voice claim is otherwise thin on the ground compared to King's claim, who was in Ottawa during the recent native apology negotiations, and has been a national literary-political figure for years. But then Tom is The Voice in this campaign, his perfect radio voice and his wit make Gloria's self-aggrandizing whines seem... well whiny. Since Gloria is essentially interested in Gloria, the prima-facia vanity candidate who backroomed her way with Steve-o's consent to dump the real Tony candidate, Brent Barr, her national voice is one of petty aggrievements and won't do anyone any good in Ottawa except Gloria.

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