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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Phony Tory Crime Obsession

Blame the poor, the rallying cry of the Common Sense Devolution is back.
The crime rate is down but the self-security obsessed corporate governing class wants us to believe that modern youth are thugs ready to kick in our doors and shoot us on the streets and in our beds. Funny how conservatives love police states deep down in their withered little hearts. It keeps them from dealing with real criminals, like their amoral friends in business high places.

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Anonymous said...

Totally concur. The agenda of the CPC is self-evident: to eventually create more wealth for their rich friends by privatizing the penal system, something already long underway in the US. All the while ignoring the reality of the situation: crime rates have been steadily declining for the past decade or so.

Justice Minister Rob Nicholson was quoted today as saying "We don't govern by statistics in our government." - Proof that objectivity takes a backseat to emotion, the worst of which they are purposely generating: fear, propped up by willfull ignorance and disinfo.

But this points at the heart of what is systemically morally wrong with the ways that Conservatives govern: they are not builders, they only know how to destroy. Building invaluable social institutions (the sort built by Lester B. Pearson and P.E. Trudeau for example) takes vision, balance, insight, inclusive-qualitative thinking, and time. Traits that Conservatives, in general, are devoid of, since they are typically adverse to qualitative thinking of any sort.

Lets face it, its far easier to tear down social institutions and programs that have taken decades to build, and send everyone a $25 dollar rebate check in the mail. One can still see the devolutionary effect of the Harris agenda in Ontario.