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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Support American Republicnanism

Vote Conservative.


Anonymous said...

This is exactly what it boils down to with a vote for either the Conservative or Liberal parties; a vote for either is a vote for the grotesque neo-liberal agenda of corporatism, a.k.a. Imperial Capitalism (which itself necessarily includes the concept of expansionism). Either parties (as well as Democrats and Republicans) are merely two heads on this ugly monster which has transmogrified democracy around the world.

Ironically enough though, the supporters of this agenda often deride any competing ideological approaches as being "socialist". I say this because corporatism, ironically enough, contains its own measure of socialism: while privatizing profits, they seek to socialize the debt!

Jerry Prager said...

Your view is certainly not lost on me, although my son would insist that the imperial analysis is misleading because an empire requires an emperor. From my perspective globalizing capitalism is actually part of the oligarchical phase of decaying republicanism, as Plato would have described it, where the decadence of the previous guardian class was brought about by the pursuit of private property and profit.
Which is why my politics are British-Canadian in the sense of the old Co-operative Commonwealth Federation. Corporate socialism is the agenda of global capitalism, and requires a separation of business and state to undo it.