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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Seeking United Opposition Motion

The opposition parties in Ottawa, citing Harper's new 4 year parliamentary term law & using House of Commons custom should ask the Governor General to dissolve the government & to appoint a new Prime Minister from the party that received the second most number of votes in the last election. The opposition parties need to form a popular vote coalition government, which is to say, there should be NDP, Liberals, Bloc members and yes the Green Party in the cabinet - the de facto government. It's the only way to stop Harper from breaking the law. We elected members to govern, not Harper, let them govern.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sorry Gloria, but Harper is a Pimp

Gloria Kovach thinks the PM will do what's right re the Guelph by-election being extended into an illegal general election because Harper is "a man of principle." I thought so too when he was first elected, but then in the first week in office he made four Mulroney-style decisions that proved that he'd sold his soul for power. Harper is not a man of principle, he's a gutless toady,a Bush League traitor, a modern version of the 1849 Annexationist Tories who burned down the Canadian Parliament buildings because they didn't get what they wanted from the Rebellion Losses Bill, and so tried to get the Americans to annex Canada before it was even a nation. Regressive Conservatism is unprincipled from top to bottom and always has been.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Provincialism v. municipal localism

Conservatives believe Gloria Kovach lost her post as head of the national municipal association because of political interference on the part of Stephan Dion and the Liberal Party. Perhaps however, as soon as she declared herself a federal Conservative candidate, the association realized that since Conservatives are provincialists whose policies routinely oppose the expansion of local democracy, Gloria's interest was in her own personal advancement, rather than the advancement of the democratic localism which is the agenda of the municipal association. Dion had nothing to do with it.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Lying Liars

The lying liars of the republican tories have sent out another piece of lie mail, fear mail about the Liberal's Green Shift tax and how everything is going to go up because of the tax. If saying it makes it so, then Bush League methodolgy with Gloria's come hither and Huck Farper with me pose, is sure to win votes because lying is sexy if you're a republican tory.