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Monday, September 1, 2008

Campaign Vandalism

I don't get this kind of behaviour. I stick political signs back in the ground after they've been knocked down. However,there seems to me to be a disconnect between the pro-NDP messages - "Liberals Lie-NDP rule" being included in the anti-Bill C68 (the gun registry law) messages being spray-painted on people's houses. C68 is a Tory gripe, it's the gun registry law. Some disgruntled Tory could just as easily be taking aim at both parties, demeaning one & implicating the other. However, C68 also refers to a Young Offenders bill. So maybe it's more direct action anarchy from some angry youth. (To be fair to philosophical Anarchist beliefs, violence is not an agenda item.) Severing brake lines is criminal, it puts not just individuals but the public at risk. The Tories are desperate in this campaign, but so are the disenfranchised.

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