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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Christian Con's hysteria growing

We have a Tory Ag Minister who thinks listeria is funny, we have 'in & out' Tory Turd Wars, we have a bungled economy, we have a bagman for oil as Environ. Minister, a PM who uses character assassination as his favourite campaign tool, while making hypocritical pronouncements about law & order, we have an electorate beginning to tire of the stench, AND we have Christian Con railing heaven because local Libs used CPAC to their own advantage. Sorry Con man, even Tories reap what they sow. You & the Harperite collective have sown discord $ hypocrisy & you will soon reap the whirlwind.


Anonymous said...

you are a nut. a nutty nut nut. nut nut nut. Mr nutty nut nut. You are a crazy nut Mr. Nut. You nutty nut. A Nut is what you are.

Jerry Prager said...

You bore me and I don't bore easily.

Anonymous said...

you are a boring nut then.

Anonymous said...

All of this talking of nuts and not a jar of complimentary peanut butter anywhere.