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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Farmers !

In 1926 you were at the height of your Progressive best: voting in United Farmer governments: you did so in an age in which Canadian Conservatives were publicly supportive of Mussolini's efforts to make Italian-Canadians - the Canadese into good little fascists. The King-Byng Affair was caused when Mackenzie King made a coalition with your Progressive ancestors in response to the minority emergence of Arthur Meighen, King Edward the Fascist's man in Canada. It wasn't until the 1930's that Borden's governing conservatives used Adrien Arcand, the head of Quebec's Nazis to serve as ad hoc public relations director there. The same strain of Conservativism that governed while Mussolini's Consuls took over Canadese organizations & encouraged the rise of French Canadian Nazi-supporting politics that lasted until Maurice Duplessis died & Brian Mulroney's mentor Daniel Johnson was finally overthrown in the Quiet Revolution, is now offering you a cut in the diesel tax in an attempt to buy your silence. They are the ideological descendants of your ancestors enemies. They mean to corporatize you into indentured servitude for a handful of coins; they will stuff your family land into their piggy little land banks: they will hang onto your water for themselves & their friends & their profit margins. And they will call it Common Sense. Here in Guelph they have deep roots through George Drew. Mike Harris is hero to them. I call it the Meighen Streak in Canadian politics. Beware it. Follow the money and you'll find a Goliath fighting a David over a spring rising from the land.

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