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Monday, September 8, 2008

Harper's Guelph Policy:

disenfranchise local Progressives by taking away their democratically elected candidate, replace him with Gloria Kovach, the Con Man's choice, and then, when she was about to be obliterated in the by-election, illegally cancel it, hope the voters of Guelph don't notice, then use christian conservatives to bray online about what a principled leader the Con Man is, in the hopes that Guelphites will have a conversion experience and suddenly understand that principle is what the PM says it is, and nothing else and that we should shut up and do what the God chosen tell us to do.


Anonymous said...

My God, I can't believe what an idiot you are. You really have no clue, typical Liberal, twist the facts to suit your agenda.

Jerry Prager said...

First off I'm not a Liberal, in fact I'm not a member of any party, but I did vote Green in the by-election advance poll that your PM illegally invalidated, so my agenda is to defeat one of the most cynical unprincipled, corporate bagman leaders this country has ever had. As for your anonymous comment, I find anonymous commentators gutless.

Jerry Prager said...

I should also add that I am not a member of the Green Party, lest anyone think I am speaking as or for the Greens.