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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hey Puffin Plop Man

Dear Christian Con, because you never post my comments, I thought I'd post them over here. The fact is, other than John Diefenbacker, Joe Clark and Sir John A, Conservatives have left a considerably darker stain on the Canadian body politik than have the Liberals through their advancement of extreme Wellingtonian Tory policies and an unholy alliance with Republican robber barons and their descendants, supporting both fascism, and it's offspring, neo-corporatism. And no, I am not a liberal. I voted Green in the illegally invalidated Guelph advance poll, I could have voted for Frank Valeriote who I know and like, but I chose to vote Green because no matter what you say, the Greens are more than a party, they are a movement, I am not a member of the Green Party, but I am a member of the movement, so are Dion and many other liberals, NDPers, Red Tories, and disgruntled Reformers . And yet, when I tell you that I and others like me are not liberals you and your fellowship of Harper worshippers knowingly keep chanting your leader's lies. I have voted Liberal, and I have voted NDP (although I probably never will again because of Jack's decision to bar May from the debate.) And I have voted Green, I might even have voted Conservative if David Crombie had led the PC's instead of Mulroney. My politics however are Independent Communitarian. My real choice would be to vote for a revived Cooperative Commonwealth Federation Party. Your politics appear to be, follow the leader, right or wrong.

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