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Saturday, September 20, 2008

More Nonsense From Christian Con

If that's an attack ad, then your party's pre-election ads assassinating Dion's character were what ? Oh yeah, I remember, the sin of bearing false witness. Your Mike Harris inspired efforts to gut meat inspection in this country will leave us open to more and more problems like the listeriosis outbreak that Ritz stumbled his way through. He's not doing a good job at all, he's ideologically butchering Canada's safe food systems.


Anonymous said...

Did you notice he doesn't even allow comments on that post!

He knows that he wouldn't be able to defend his position.

Christian Conservative said...

Just calling Dion out on his hypocrisy... he said he wouldn't use negative personal attack ads.

Of course, it's not his fault... he's been demoted in a bloodless Liberal coup.

Jerry Prager said...

So the bear came out of his cave.
Does that mean you're going to open your blog up for comments, or are you just paying a visit to a place where free speech is practiced.
Calling an election after passing a law using high sounding language about democracy and fairness is hypocrisy.