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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Rise Guelphi Rise !

The lie is revealed, the worm has already turned. The Harper government will go down in history for the way it ran this campaign through lies and malice and character assassination. Elizabeth May and the Greens just broke Harper's government in two and no amount of spin doctoring can repair the damage. Not before the election, not for all time. The Bush League's hold on Canada ends on October 14. Time to compose a Requiem for the Oilagarchy.


Anonymous said...

You are a nutbar. nutbar. A nut. You are nutty. Nutty. you are a nutty nut nut.

Anonymous said...

Appears that the Green Party issued that press release 15 months ago. Not exactly breaking news even in Guelph.
Ratkings and the Bush Leagues. Sounds like an EC comic from 1953.
When the Green Party actually elects someone somewhere, some of us will take notice of them.

Jerry Prager said...

Yeah, I noticed that myself. Kind of felt a little foolish. Funny you mentioned 1953 though, just about the time that Eisenhower started noticing that the greatest threat to democracy was from the the military Industrial complex. Although he didn't press the point until he retired in 1961, when Nixon was waiting in the wings.

Jerry Prager said...

And yes, electing someone would be good, but ultimately green is a movement, an evolutionary pivot point as inevitable as growing up, whereas as neo-corporatism is an evolutionary cul-de-sac, dinosaur thought emanating a weak signal that will disappear sooner than later. My guess is that the day after the leaders debate when Harper's lead vanishes alot of people will notice the Greens.