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Monday, September 8, 2008

Who Ousted Brent Barr

According to this and a discussed article in the Toronto Star about Doug Finley, the probable orchestrator of the ousting of Gloria Kovach's ill-fated predecessor Brent Barr, former local PC MP Bill Winegard (Barr's frontman) says the ousting did not come from Harper but came from some officially never-named Guelph Conservatives. The request was facilitated by Harper. Since the complaint did not come from those who have ever come forward & given their reasons for ousting Barr, leaving Gloria free to claim a candidacy she had just lost in a local party vote to Barr, it would be nice for the voters of Guelph to know who else besides Finley Gloria Kovach is either in collusion with, or who else it is she now owes a political debt to. There is a hard right wing in Guelph with a deep history through George Drew to pre-second world war support of Mussolini, and post-second world war cold war reactionary capitalism. The non-progressive wing is fighting for its life in Guelph.


Anonymous said...

Gloria, "hard right-wing"? That's a laugh!

Jerry Prager said...

I don't actually think Gloria is hard right either, I think Gloria is a coquettish power junkie with a seniors nurse's smile and
an ambition waiting to hitch a ride with a the first fast rising demon she can find. What I will admit however is that I know next to nothing about the Guelph conservative party. As a historian I should mostly shut up on the subject. Except I won't, I'll just practice learnedness.

Anonymous said...

Nice, you refuse to let the facts I stated the other day onto ur Blog. Good going.
Why let facts get in the way of a good lynching? Typical Liberal.

Jerry Prager said...

What facts ? I don't moderate my blogs, I have open commenting.
And I'm not a Liberal, but don't let that fact get in your way.
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Anonymous said...

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