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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Man who Brought Guelph Kovach

Doug Finley, the man who orchestrated the ousting of Brent Barr and the re-insertion of Gloria Kovach in the campaign is stepping down as a minority only organizer for Harper.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

And so we begin

And so we begin the test of common sense or the lack of it yet again. We have come to a time when the hand of the oiligarchs and bankers and gangster capitalists and globalizing independent operators have begun to dig the bed for the money stream of power current they hope to harness as finance for their corporate-state, hereafter called Planet Earth Inc. Here in Guelph we know the number of the beast, it was the same as the address of the house that Ronald Reagan retired from the presidency into, (but only after he got them to change the address from 666 to 668 in an attempt to persuade us to forget that shade of truth.)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cons can't win Guelph

As the poll results began to roll in on election night there were a lot of people who didn't vote liberal who had "hang on Frank" in their hearts if not in their mouths. 71% of the population voted for progressive policies, 29% for regressivism. By the time the next election rolls around two or three or four hurricane seasons from now when Canada will have sat on the sidelines booing climate change warriors and Harper's denial of the problem will have become so mindless as to finally become intolerable even to his own supporters who will have come to understand with increasing horror just how utterly wrong their man is, was and ever more shall be on the necessity of action, it may well me too late to do anything meaningful. And then they and we shall reap the whirlwind. The Alberta financed Con party will be destroyed for good, to or three or four years too late. Unfortunately for the majority of Canadians who wanted something done on climate change but got Harper's minority instead because a bunch of frightened 905 voters lacked the vision to see beyond their mortgage payments, the rest of us will be in the same boat as them. They shouldn't be too surprised if we throw them overboard and cheer when they sink.

Nagy Bows Out

Mike Nagy is stepping down as the local Green candidate. One of the most articulate spokesmen for the necessity of acting on the pending environmental disaster before it reaches the tipping point, Nagy proved to be a remarkable candidate. Something of a policy wonk with a head full of inarguable debating points, he proved himself worthy of the enormous boost local voters gave the party. He showed integrity, cool headedness and passionate commitment to a movement that won the support of the vast majority of Canadians, even if the party itself won no seats. It is of course especially galling that power has remained in the hands of the one party leader who doesn't believe there even is a climate crisis, but because of people like Mike Nagy, those of us in the movement, if not in the party, are better equipped to call Harper's bluff. Thanks Mike. We owe you.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Gloria will get nowhere

The massive local repudiation of Gloria Kovach's candidacy does not bode well for the 'self-aggrandizing ones' efforts to make herself important. Probably the next thing she will try is a run for Guelph's mayor, but considering that 71 % of Guelph's populace are progressive and voted against her, the regressive conservative hopeful would probably come off worse than ever. She will certainly never win the riding should she try again.

And so it comes to pass

Nagy won more votes than any Green ever, and yet Frank Valeriote was the one who defeated Gloria Kovach. Thank God for that mercy. Frank is decent, caring man and will do what he can against the masked extremism of Harper and his agenda. There can be no doubt that the vast majority of Guelphites oppose Gloria Kovach even more certainly than those who opposed Valeriote. Progressive voters so far outnumbered the Cons in this riding that even with three extremely strong candidates running against the Cons, they still did not split the vote enough to allow Gloria into the beggars banquet that is the 40th parliament.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Time for a paradigm Shift

The past is over, the Tories may not care about the environment or its effects on future generations but Canadians care, and it's time to act. Voting for Gloria Kovach would be a step back in time, a regression. It is quite clear that Mike Nagy knows the way forward; knows the consequences of doing nothing. A vote for Kovach is a vote for doing nothing. A vote for Harper is a vote for a man who was wrong about Iraq, wrong about how Canadians felt about their finances. Harper may win a minority, but it won't last, he won't last: this is the beginning of the end of regressive conservatvism in Canada. A vote for Nagy is a vote for a man who knows what he's talking about and what to do about the impending ecological disaster.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Mike Nagy will take Guelph

The number of non-progressives in this city who will be voting for Gloria Kovach is limited to 1) the Christian Con and the rest of the fundamentalist acolytes who think God is a Tory, 2) Second World War era elders whose conservativism derives from George Drew and his Mussolini loving father-in-law Edward Johnson, 3) some Mulroney era local lovers of lies who are likewise descended from post second war corporatism through Brian's Quebec mentor, Daniel Johnson Sr. the heir Maurice Duplessis, Canada's most powerful fascist party until defeated during the Quiet Revolution, and 4) Gloria Kovach's personal fan club members. All of those non-progressives together do not add up to the hill of votes needed to take this riding.
Frank Valeriote and the Liberal's may take the riding yet, and we will still be in green savy hands, but I think that with the Mercury's endorsement and by dint of Mike Nagy's own intelligent passion and the fact that Harper is selling out the ecological future for U of G student voters, that Mike will take the riding. Personally I wish Tom King would poll more votes than Gloria, but if the progressives choose Nagy in the numbers I think they will, it will be Tom who fares poorest, which is really too bad, since the conservatives of Guelph deserve the purgatory they inhabit and should finish last..