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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cons can't win Guelph

As the poll results began to roll in on election night there were a lot of people who didn't vote liberal who had "hang on Frank" in their hearts if not in their mouths. 71% of the population voted for progressive policies, 29% for regressivism. By the time the next election rolls around two or three or four hurricane seasons from now when Canada will have sat on the sidelines booing climate change warriors and Harper's denial of the problem will have become so mindless as to finally become intolerable even to his own supporters who will have come to understand with increasing horror just how utterly wrong their man is, was and ever more shall be on the necessity of action, it may well me too late to do anything meaningful. And then they and we shall reap the whirlwind. The Alberta financed Con party will be destroyed for good, to or three or four years too late. Unfortunately for the majority of Canadians who wanted something done on climate change but got Harper's minority instead because a bunch of frightened 905 voters lacked the vision to see beyond their mortgage payments, the rest of us will be in the same boat as them. They shouldn't be too surprised if we throw them overboard and cheer when they sink.

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