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Monday, October 13, 2008

Mike Nagy will take Guelph

The number of non-progressives in this city who will be voting for Gloria Kovach is limited to 1) the Christian Con and the rest of the fundamentalist acolytes who think God is a Tory, 2) Second World War era elders whose conservativism derives from George Drew and his Mussolini loving father-in-law Edward Johnson, 3) some Mulroney era local lovers of lies who are likewise descended from post second war corporatism through Brian's Quebec mentor, Daniel Johnson Sr. the heir Maurice Duplessis, Canada's most powerful fascist party until defeated during the Quiet Revolution, and 4) Gloria Kovach's personal fan club members. All of those non-progressives together do not add up to the hill of votes needed to take this riding.
Frank Valeriote and the Liberal's may take the riding yet, and we will still be in green savy hands, but I think that with the Mercury's endorsement and by dint of Mike Nagy's own intelligent passion and the fact that Harper is selling out the ecological future for U of G student voters, that Mike will take the riding. Personally I wish Tom King would poll more votes than Gloria, but if the progressives choose Nagy in the numbers I think they will, it will be Tom who fares poorest, which is really too bad, since the conservatives of Guelph deserve the purgatory they inhabit and should finish last..

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