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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

local cons try to gut OPIRG

The University of Guelph appears to have become a battleground for corporatist forces looking to gut the university's progressive elements. From the destruction of the organic science department on behalf of companies like Monsanto and other supporters of genetically modified Frankenfoods (that have as much in common with real food as plastics have) to the efforts of the local Conservative Party to take control of the local Ontario Public Interest Research Group (so they can destroy it) it is clear why Pamela Wallin was appointed to the federal senate by Harper: as the former Chancellor she created an environment at the university designed to destroy the progressive community that makes Guelph such a unusual place to live. OPIRG and Organic Science are just two prongs of what is an intentional evisceration of opposition to the Corporatist agenda, and thus to the Conservative agenda. It is designed to break the back of Guelph as the home of one of the most creative communities in Canada. By gutting everything progressive at the university, the longer term goal is to turn the U of G into just one more factory for producing corporate drone workers, people without imaginations, insight or conscience. Leaving the city ripe for an eventual Conservative political victory. They hate Guelph so badly they taste their own bile every time they think about the levels of resistance here. This has the malice of the Manning Institute written all over, the tool of the phony populist Preston Manning, whose likewise phony populist father Ernest, both served the agenda of corporate socialism. This is Harper's conservative vision for Canada. Corporate control of society, covered with a veneer of pretend libertarianism. But resistance is fruitful, just like the difference between plastic fruit and real fruit.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Uof G's Right turn

The University of Guelph's decision to jettison organic agriculture in favour of corporatist monoculture tells you just how far the takeover of higher education by right wing agendas is proceeding. Gone are the days of liberal education, welcome to the age of conservative education, the narrowing of focus into money streams and corporate science, the science of power and reaction. The rot that brought us the Great Recession is now infecting the Academy. Time for everyone to line up and get your drone brain implants. The university has betrayed it's own truths, and the pimps that have taken over, are lining up to serve the whore of Babylon. Watch the the U of G plunge from it's top five position in the best universities in Canada polls, the conscienceless pursuit of profit will produce nothing of value, and they'll begin turning out nothing but corporate hacks.