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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Uof G's Right turn

The University of Guelph's decision to jettison organic agriculture in favour of corporatist monoculture tells you just how far the takeover of higher education by right wing agendas is proceeding. Gone are the days of liberal education, welcome to the age of conservative education, the narrowing of focus into money streams and corporate science, the science of power and reaction. The rot that brought us the Great Recession is now infecting the Academy. Time for everyone to line up and get your drone brain implants. The university has betrayed it's own truths, and the pimps that have taken over, are lining up to serve the whore of Babylon. Watch the the U of G plunge from it's top five position in the best universities in Canada polls, the conscienceless pursuit of profit will produce nothing of value, and they'll begin turning out nothing but corporate hacks.


Anonymous said...

You have got this wrong
The university is correct in abandoning these (this) band wagon programs and gone back to its mission
If organic agriculture is the best way then the scientific method will reveal that.
The OA program was launched and perpetrated by believers...who apparently couldn't deliver.
Well the market, critical thinkers and students voted with their feet.
Give students a rigorous science based program or ...nothing.
No one (except you) is equating monoculture, right wingers and corporate power and organic agriculture. The scientific method prevails in spite of your leftist protestations

Jerry Prager said...

Here we go with the illusion that pure science actually exists anymore. The market is corrupt, manipulated by powerful forces whose duty is to profit without reference to conscience. Science is a whore. Contemporary science is technocratic, much like contemporary economics, no worldly philosophers or deep thinking going on in corporate science, the Dilbert manageriat mentality, rigorous science-based progamming is nonsense, if it ever existed, it doesn't exist any more, it's now concealed behind scientific fact as truth, without any of the rigorous thought necessary to stand up for truth. All the doors to knowledge are protected by a do little technocracy of scientists intent on maintaining the status quo, ie feeding corporate consumerism. The market is not free because it is governed by an oligarchy. Scientific method can certainly be used to deconstruct the university as corporate drone factories. Critical thinking is being done on behalf of a ruling class, which only allows certain truths to be told. Your view of science as some libertarian force of individualistic rigour is a farce. There be pockets of genuine science still being practised somewhere, but science is a tool of power. There is nothing rigorous about it, except to the degree that contemporary scientists, and thus contemporary science students, are so profoundly lacking in an understanding of symbiotic life, that your life sciences are pathetic . You represent subservience, not insight, your science is really just another former of bureaucracy, pumping out obedient half thinkers so that they can to turn the nuts and bolts of the dogmas of the governing classes. Contemporary science has all the rigour of rigour mortis. It's dead, death science for hire.