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Friday, April 29, 2011

Strategic Voting in Guelph

Generally speaking I regard my politics as independent communitarian, which is to say I believe that we need to live in world in which the greatest equal liberty applies to everyone in the community, the whole can only be free by guaranteeing the equal freedom of the individual.
In practice, that means I vote liberal democrat: which is to say that my heart is in a non-corporatist free enterprise Canada in which we are all crown chartered commoners with equal rights and freedoms.
While I do belong to the Ontario Green Party, and voted Green in the last federal election, I think political parties cause more problems than they solve. I am a liberal democracy partisan, I am absolutely NOT a party partisan. I have huge problems with the Liberal Party, but even bigger problems with non progressive, corporatist (fascist) Conservatives, and in both those cases the issue is that corporations, (that can't sign affidavits in court because they have no conscience to bind them) control our political system through parties, a state of affairs that led us directly to Stephen Harper, a PM who clearly has conscience to bind him.
The NDP likewise gives me problems, because while I have no problem with community, the NDP's over-reliance on the state gives me considerable pause. Jack Layton got very upset at Liberal arrogance during the debates when Ignatieff said Jack wouldn't be PM, and yet, given the fact that the NDP's platform clearly went through no rigorous costing process, then the NDP never expected to come close to forming a government. Righteous indignation, where there is no righteousness breeds cynicism.
In any event, as far as I am concerned Stephen Harper can be beaten if liberal democratic voters show up with the intention of defeating his perverted form conservativism.
In 1935, Liberals and Labour defeated the last Canadian conservative party to whole heartedly embrace corporatism (fascism.) We need to do it again.
I voted Green in the last federal election as a tactical option to boost the fortunes of that party. I will be voting for Frank Valeriote in this one, because Frank is hard working constituency officer and a centre left liberal. (Heaven knows there are enough right wing liberals destroying that party from the inside.)
The Conservative Party of Canada hates the hold that progressivism has on Guelph, they poured 60 thousand dollars raised in three Alberta ridings into this riding in the last election. They would like to grind us under their corporatist boot heel. We cannot let them take Guelph.